Luxury tropical paradise in virtual reality

Happy Valentine’s Day 2019

Stop by our location in Second Life® to explore the lush sandy escapes of the Breakers.

Linden Labs including Sansar and Second Life in the cloud

Linden Lab has spent over a decade optimizing the production operations for Second Life, an online 3D virtual world created by its users. With our new social VR platform, Sansar, we wanted to take our vision of virtual experiences to a whole new level of innovation in which AWS played a vital role. We’ll dive…
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The Sansar Fashion Release

Sansar made available a new fashion release for their virtual reality client on December 18, 2017. This new grid is very much in its earliest stages, without too many interactive experiences or actions available to average users yet. Strawberry Singh shares a fantastic look at some of the differences between Second Life and Sansar, specifically…
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